For over a decade now I dedicated myself to take a deep dive into the world of art. Working as a fine art painter has always been my passion. To me art is a way of exploring the world around me. I like to travel, however, it is not so much the visual world which we call reality that I am interested in, but the emotional world that forms our consciousness and un-consciousness.


Through studying nature we can explore this world and give our thoughts and feelings an expression. I am especially interested in the volatile elements of water, light and sky as they constantly change and remain uncatchable. Also I am fascinated by the world of the microcosmos which we hardly know anything about.


I always find my images in nature and start to understand them through painting what I see at a given moment. Painting is primarily a matter of perception rather than a special technic. Technic develops in time, perception is the key. All our fears and hopes become a new meaning when we try to materialize them on canvas. The painting is a mirror of what we explore in ourselves.


So I like to assist the viewer to better understand her/his own experiences and dreams in life by giving the viewer a new perspective of the world around us.


Reality is often cruel and frustrating and leaves us unfullfilled. I try to see things how they could be. We are all longing for happiness,- which can only be achieved through the imagination of the mind. I try to create a better reality. However, the thoughts and experiences of the viewer decide about her/his perception.


The creative work itself is always intuitive and playful for me. When studying an object reality and imagination melt together to create something new. At some point the painting runs itself and I am just watching its creation.

The quality of a painting depends on the experiences and emotions which it can be conveyed. The painting shows a reality within ourselves that we otherwise wouldn’t see.


"Not what man knows, but what man feels concerns art."

Bernard Berenson 1897


"Wenn es etwas gibt, wofür es sich zu leben lohnt, dann ist es die Betrachtung des Schönen." Platon 427 v.Chr.


"Die Tatsache, daß ich selbst im Augenblick, wo ich male, die Bedeutung meiner Bilder nicht erkenne, will nicht heißen, daß sie keine Bedeutung hätten."

Salvator Dali 1935


"I have a deep need for... religion. Then I go out at night and paint the stars."

Vincent van Gogh 1853


"Beim Malen bedeutet "Suchen" meiner Ansicht nach gar nichts. Auf das Finden kommt es an."

Pablo Picasso 1923


"Das Meer ist keine Landschaft, es ist das Erlebnis von Ewigkeit."

Thomas Mann 1955


"We work not only to produce, but to give value to time."

Eugene Delacroix 1850


"The only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven't found it yet, keep looking. Don't settle."

Steve Jobs 2011








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